Ohio Jeep Trails

ohio off road

Due to long history, jeeps become the most famous and all-purpose vehicle. Today, because of modernization, jeep owners are using their jeep for recreation, transportation, hauling and snowplowing. One of the known recreation forms achieved with jeeps is driving your vehicle through off-road trails. Though people cannot just ride on an off road jeep in Ohio’s state parks, there are several other places where you can drive your off road jeep in Ohio. In fact, these off road trails offer variety and exciting challenges.

Off Road Riding In Wellsville Trails

This off road park is popular due to several names like Pitt, Yellow Creek and Wellsville. Some people also call this off road trail as the Forbidden Zone ATV Campground. This off road park is open anytime and allows every people to drive at their own risk. It offers different kinds of terrain like flat trails, rough rocky hills and creek beds. In addition, this trail is open for jeeps as well as for other kinds of vehicles like motorcycles and those that are properly equipped with ATVs. However, it charges every people who will enter the trail with admission fee. Generally, admission fee is divided into three levels that include one week pass, three day pass and one day pass. Admission fee includes available camping activities.

GasLine Motorspots

This park is located southeastern part of Ohio. It offers mud bogs and trails for trucks. Aside from trails available for trucks, there are several kinds of ATV trails.  Definitely, this park can be a place where family members can gather. With this, they allow people to rent the park during their particular reservation date. It can accommodate 30 or more persons. There are many activities available in this off road park including primitive camping with electric hookups, mud wrestling, swap meets and mud runs.

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